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Little Superstar

May 18

Diggin’ this little Bollywood breaker dude!

Come to the Zef Side

Feb 14

I’ve been fascinated and captivated by the zef rap-rave band, Die Antwoord. The Cape Town, South African crew is blowing up on the Interwebs with the video, “Enter the Ninja.” It’s incredible — I don’t even know where to start…The most surreal / bizarre / creepy part of the video are the shots of Leon Botha AKA DJ Hi-Tek. The lyrics are part English, part Afrikaan slang — “Die Antwoord” is Afrikaans (or South African slang) for “The Answer.”

After watching “Enter the Ninja,” you are primed and ready for “Zef Side” (“zef” is South African slang for “redneck” or “white trash”). The introductory interview will give you a slight glimpse into the lives of these folks. Look out for the closeup that I like to call “Dark Side of the Fruit of the Loom.”

DJ Hi-Tek is really a fellow named Leon Botha. Leon is the longest surviving person with Progeria Syndrome is a rare disease which causes rapid aging and related health complications. He’s an amazing individual, and has shared his life with the world in many forms. On a sidenote, this video proves that my man Leon can certainly work a turntable. Leon recently completed a project called “Who Am I? Transgressions.” Here’s a video of Leon speaking about his life and a beautiful gallery of portraits by photographer, Gordon Clark. As one who is living on “borrowed time,” his message of immortality and destiny proves interesting.

Pitchfork Records writes in a post that: “The heavy use of Afrikaans and local slang automatically makes it stand out, but the accomplished, synth-heavy beats, and fully formed personalities of Ninja and Yo-Landi give Die Antwoord the potential to rise above the web’s YouTube hype cycle.”

I concur, they have skillz, an assumed street cred, and the layers of complexity to be more than the next Internet meme. Let’s not forget the undisputable “next level beats” that DJ Hi-Tek creates on his PC computer. I have no doubt that Die Antwoord’s brand of “zef rap-rave next level shit” will be around for awhile.

I’m in full anticipation to see the popularity of their debut LP, “$O$.” You can hear the whole album on 

DO NOT miss these videos:
Enter The Ninja
, Zef Side, Wat Pomp, Taxijam,

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Thanks for Stopping

Jan 07

When I saw these hacked stop signs, it made me smile ear to ear. In this crazy, mixed-up world we live in, it’s crucial to remain as positive as possible. These stop signs make a statement and undoubtedly brighten people’s days. If you see some examples popping up around Boise, it wasn’t me. I swear…really…

Check out the entire gallery »


Buy One. Or, Don’t. I Don’t Care.

Dec 30

The folks at Cullman Liquidation are painfully honest in their “epic” commercial. I love the deadpan delivery and lackluster style of this brilliant approach. The animal sounds are a very nice addition the vignettes of the employees (Can you say cougar?!). Awesome. Just awesome.

Santa Be Sketchy, Yo.

Dec 19

Just in time for the holidays, “Sketchy Santas!” These are some scary-ass Santas, folks. No better way to remember that traumatic moment that some of you may have experienced as a kid. Yowzers!

For a great laugh, give @SketchySanta a follow on Twitter. Some of my favorite recent tweets:

  • My all-day lap party has been cut short due to an ‘altercation’ w/ mall security.
  • Can somebody bring me a 32oz Coke w/ ice, lid and straw from the food court? And pour out about half of the Coke? Thx
  • Just woke up on a park bench. Can somebody give me a ride to the mall??
  • Is there a ‘five second rule’ on other people’s gum?
  • Just got a whiff of my beard – Gruyère n’ Jameson

See also: Suspicious Vans. Stay away from “sleigh rides” in these vehicles, kids.

Beautifully Ugly Tattoos

Dec 05

Exhibit a

My friends know that I’m obsessed with That was, until I discovered It’s the sweet spot of lowbrow. The bullseye of trashy. The chewy center of bad decisions. Believe me, this website is guaranteed to leave you scratching your head in confusion and asking yourself, “Why?”

A few of my recent favorites:

Daft Hands and other Punks

Nov 21

I’m amazed by the innovation of the video “Daft Hands.” Incredible with one can do with a Sharpie and some fast hands (and probably a ton of practice). The long intro of the song, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by the French duo Daft Punk, does a great job of building some amazing suspense.

See also the next step in the progression: Daft Bodies. And, of course another rip-off by some other ladies (sans robot costumes): Daft Bodies 2. Next, the male version of Daft Punk Harder Bodies. Gym rats may be interested in Daft Jazzercise. Lastly, I am a definite fan of the sarcasm of Daft Bros.

Seriously, don’t people have anything better to do?

That’s Baloney!

Oct 24

Check out these “Anti-theft Lunch Bags” by the. The moldy grossness is actually printed on the bag itself, leaving your sandwich unspoiled (but appearing so). I can’t think of a better way to deter your freeloading co-workers from lifting your lunch.

Check out Anti-theft Lunch Bags and other interesting products over at the. You graffiti heads out there should check out the “Walls Notebook,” a notebook full of blank walls and vehicles just waiting to get tagged.

We the People (of WalMart)

Oct 10

If only I could have back the countless hours I’ve spent sifting through the People of Walmart website! I guess I’d probably spend them on my previous addiction to Awful Plastic Surgery (FTR: my addiction was enabled by the talented and hilarious Kristy W).

The photos on People of WalMart are amazing and the copywriting is brilliant. It satisfies your people-watching craving without the painful trip to WalMart, or, um, MalWart (as I like to call it). Bingo anyone?

A quick tour of some of my recent favorites:

Bonus links: If you like People of WalMart, then you will love Awkward Family Photos, and my all-time favorite: Sexy People. Oh, and if you need a WalMart Bingo board. Go ahead, get ‘er done!

Stop-Motion Breakdancing

Oct 07

I love the stop motion style of this video by director Ben Wheatley. Del Mak and Tommy Franzen are the breakers, and get down to some serious battling in this video. Enjoy!

Break Dance Stop Motion from ben wheatley on Vimeo.