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Little Superstar

May 18

Diggin’ this little Bollywood breaker dude!

Santa Be Sketchy, Yo.

Dec 19

Just in time for the holidays, “Sketchy Santas!” These are some scary-ass Santas, folks. No better way to remember that traumatic moment that some of you may have experienced as a kid. Yowzers!

For a great laugh, give @SketchySanta a follow on Twitter. Some of my favorite recent tweets:

  • My all-day lap party has been cut short due to an ‘altercation’ w/ mall security.
  • Can somebody bring me a 32oz Coke w/ ice, lid and straw from the food court? And pour out about half of the Coke? Thx
  • Just woke up on a park bench. Can somebody give me a ride to the mall??
  • Is there a ‘five second rule’ on other people’s gum?
  • Just got a whiff of my beard – Gruyère n’ Jameson

See also: Suspicious Vans. Stay away from “sleigh rides” in these vehicles, kids.

Beautifully Ugly Tattoos

Dec 05

Exhibit a

My friends know that I’m obsessed with That was, until I discovered It’s the sweet spot of lowbrow. The bullseye of trashy. The chewy center of bad decisions. Believe me, this website is guaranteed to leave you scratching your head in confusion and asking yourself, “Why?”

A few of my recent favorites:

That’s Baloney!

Oct 24

Check out these “Anti-theft Lunch Bags” by the. The moldy grossness is actually printed on the bag itself, leaving your sandwich unspoiled (but appearing so). I can’t think of a better way to deter your freeloading co-workers from lifting your lunch.

Check out Anti-theft Lunch Bags and other interesting products over at the. You graffiti heads out there should check out the “Walls Notebook,” a notebook full of blank walls and vehicles just waiting to get tagged.

We the People (of WalMart)

Oct 10

If only I could have back the countless hours I’ve spent sifting through the People of Walmart website! I guess I’d probably spend them on my previous addiction to Awful Plastic Surgery (FTR: my addiction was enabled by the talented and hilarious Kristy W).

The photos on People of WalMart are amazing and the copywriting is brilliant. It satisfies your people-watching craving without the painful trip to WalMart, or, um, MalWart (as I like to call it). Bingo anyone?

A quick tour of some of my recent favorites:

Bonus links: If you like People of WalMart, then you will love Awkward Family Photos, and my all-time favorite: Sexy People. Oh, and if you need a WalMart Bingo board. Go ahead, get ‘er done!

Landscapes of Pork

Oct 04

Wow! Bacon World. I’m stunned by these photographs by London photographer Carl Warner. It’s not unlike the recent “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner” campaign here in the States. But, much better craftsmanship and much more surreal (and disgusting). I gotta give props to the artistic value of these amazing photos, but all that raw pork and cold cuts kinda grosses me out.

Thanks for the link @johnbriggsdesign!

Apache, baby!

Jul 31

This is for real. I repeat. This video is for real.

Tommy Seebach Mortensen was a Danish singer, composer, and producer from Copenhagen (circa 1979). I was speechless the first time I saw this video. My first thought was,”Wow, is THAT guy white.” Those pumping hips are absolutely terrifying. Those hips actually do lie…

In doing some research, I stumbled across some interesting stuff. Like any interesting internet meme, spoofs are pervasive. The original video is priceless, but following are some of my favorite spoof videos.

Don’t miss these beauties:

Total Eclispe of the Heart. Literally.

Jul 10

In my opinion the best-ever cover of Bonnie Taylor’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is by the world’s leading kitchen appliance rock group, Hurra Torpedo. Certainly an enthralling and inspired performance.

Dear dude-with-sledgehammer: Seriously though, pull your pants up.

BUT, my life was altered forever when friends Wendie Green & Mrs. Husband shared the unbelievable “Literal Eclipse of the Heart” video. Very well-produced jackassery. And, absolutely high-larious. Do not miss this video!

A few other “literal” videos:

Awkward Family Photos

May 21

Wow. I guess we’ve all been there. The times when a corky family member decides on matching sweaters, unnatural poses, or just plain bad photography.The captions and copy writing on are amazing. Take “The Lenscrafters” for example: that tyke is blind as a bat!

If you enjoy Awkward Family Photos, don’t miss the Sexy People Blog. Talk about bringing sexy back. Yowzers.

Will You Be Here Tomorrow?

Apr 16

This is by far the most hilarious workplace safety videos known to man! I guess scare tactics are effective, if humor is the intent. Unbelievable.

Will You Be Here Tomorrow? – Watch more Funny Videos