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Daft Hands and other Punks

Nov 21

I’m amazed by the innovation of the video “Daft Hands.” Incredible with one can do with a Sharpie and some fast hands (and probably a ton of practice). The long intro of the song, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by the French duo Daft Punk, does a great job of building some amazing suspense.

See also the next step in the progression: Daft Bodies. And, of course another rip-off by some other ladies (sans robot costumes): Daft Bodies 2. Next, the male version of Daft Punk Harder Bodies. Gym rats may be interested in Daft Jazzercise. Lastly, I am a definite fan of the sarcasm of Daft Bros.

Seriously, don’t people have anything better to do?

Cold War Kids

Jun 11

If you dig Cold War Kids, then check out this interactive version of “I’ve Seen Enough.” It’s pretty slick, you can change tracks to remix your own version of the song. You can also mute band members and isolate tracks. Check it out over at

Sketch With Your Voice

Jan 29

Here’s another goodie by designer/commedian/geek Zefrank. This web-based app allows you to draw with sounds captured through your computer mic. Try playing with volume and pitch to get the line to turn in a different direction. It’s also fun to let it go for awhile to some music. I dare you to try to draw an image of something representational. Go ahead, give it a try. Fun stuff, Ze.

Nice Woody!

Jan 26

Check out this amazing laminated hardwood Vespa scooter built by Portuguese craftsman Carlos Alberto. The Jalopnik blog mentions that “Realistically though, we’re betting this Vespa is now quite a few pounds heftier than when it started out, and the original was not known for its swiftness so despite it’s beauty it’s probably kind of a pig in the performance department. Then again, if something looks that good, we’ll give the zero to sixty times a pass.”

I totally agree.