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Come to the Zef Side

Feb 14

I’ve been fascinated and captivated by the zef rap-rave band, Die Antwoord. The Cape Town, South African crew is blowing up on the Interwebs with the video, “Enter the Ninja.” It’s incredible — I don’t even know where to start…The most surreal / bizarre / creepy part of the video are the shots of Leon Botha AKA DJ Hi-Tek. The lyrics are part English, part Afrikaan slang — “Die Antwoord” is Afrikaans (or South African slang) for “The Answer.”

After watching “Enter the Ninja,” you are primed and ready for “Zef Side” (“zef” is South African slang for “redneck” or “white trash”). The introductory interview will give you a slight glimpse into the lives of these folks. Look out for the closeup that I like to call “Dark Side of the Fruit of the Loom.”

DJ Hi-Tek is really a fellow named Leon Botha. Leon is the longest surviving person with Progeria Syndrome is a rare disease which causes rapid aging and related health complications. He’s an amazing individual, and has shared his life with the world in many forms. On a sidenote, this video proves that my man Leon can certainly work a turntable. Leon recently completed a project called “Who Am I? Transgressions.” Here’s a video of Leon speaking about his life and a beautiful gallery of portraits by photographer, Gordon Clark. As one who is living on “borrowed time,” his message of immortality and destiny proves interesting.

Pitchfork Records writes in a post that: “The heavy use of Afrikaans and local slang automatically makes it stand out, but the accomplished, synth-heavy beats, and fully formed personalities of Ninja and Yo-Landi give Die Antwoord the potential to rise above the web’s YouTube hype cycle.”

I concur, they have skillz, an assumed street cred, and the layers of complexity to be more than the next Internet meme. Let’s not forget the undisputable “next level beats” that DJ Hi-Tek creates on his PC computer. I have no doubt that Die Antwoord’s brand of “zef rap-rave next level shit” will be around for awhile.

I’m in full anticipation to see the popularity of their debut LP, “$O$.” You can hear the whole album on 

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